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AI & AR Programming

Artificial intelligence continues to broaden its use across an increasing number of engineering and manufacturing domains with each passing month.  Then, what exactly is AI? The field of computer science known as artificial intelligence is specifically geared toward the execution of activities that would normally need the intelligence of a human.  The artificial intelligence field is making rapid strides forward, and discoveries such as deep learning and machine learning, amongst others, are reshaping the trajectory of the technology sector.

What is different between augmented reality programming and virtual reality programming?

When comparing VR to AR, it’s fair to claim that the latter gives alphanumeric, symbolic, or graphical information based on real-time surroundings. 

Unlike virtual reality, augmented reality does not replace the real world. Instead, it uses computer vision, mapping, and depth tracking to enhance the surroundings with 3D digital objects. 


These elements are spatially contextually and intelligently aligned, correlated, and stabilized. AR is being used to supplement displays, such as those seen in smart glasses and mobile AR devices such as tablets and smartphones. 

These devices combine real-world surroundings with a computer-generated 3D image using onboard cameras.

Virtual reality, on the other hand, refers to display technologies both worn and fixed, that provide users with a compelling visual sensation of presence or immersion within a 3D computer simulation (a 3D model.) 

This experience is made possible by the use of stereoscopic head-mounted displays and semi-immersive projection-based systems such as virtual domes.


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