What is the AIDA Model in Marketing?

AIDA model is one of the important models that are relied upon in the field of e-marketing and contributes significantly to determining the business line of customers and has a major role in advancing the marketing wheel and achieving the required goals of the business.

The importance of the AIDA model in marketing

AIDA model in marketing is relied on building plans for marketing services, advertising, and sales; in addition to public relations, and it appeared in the nineteenth century by the American businessman E. St. Elmo Lewis, and was developed and modified more than once to keep pace with the great developments in the field of marketing.

The AIDA Model, which is a short name for the phrase; «Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action»; means the four stages of this model; which are awareness and interest, desire and action.

AIDA Model Purchase Funnel

Learn about the four stages of the AIDA model in marketing

  • Awareness

It is the stage in which the user sees your advertisement, and here is the opportunity for the marketer to better highlight the service or product he offers; because the inability at this stage to spread awareness of what you offer contributes to the failure of the entire marketing plan.

Marketing experts advise during this stage that it is necessary to prepare an advertisement; that can attract the attention of your target group. This requires the marketer to have innovation and a creative sense.

  • Interest

Success in providing the product or service well in a stage leads to awareness in generating great interest; in the target group to know the details of what you are shopping for; and there must be available all the details that the user wants to know and include the features; whether related to the price or size, as well as the points of excellence that You have it over other competitors.

  • Desire

One of the most important stages of the AIDA model in marketing, during which the results of the two stages of awareness and interest are harvested and the customer is linked to the product or service that I provide Therefore; sufficient and convincing reasons must be provided to the customer that explains his desire to buy what you are shopping for.

There, the marketer must answer the questions that occur to the customer, such as:

– Reasons for purchasing the product.

– What drives me to buy the product?

– What added value does the product give me?

Attention must be paid to the necessity of having answers to all customer questions because failure; to provide an answer to any potential question may cause the customer to change his opinion and make a decision not to buy.

  • Action

Reaching the customer for this stage means the end of all the difficult steps and there is one step left to increase your sales, but there is a serious matter that appeared at this stage which is; that the loss of customers during it is very high, and the most common reason for this is the presence of technical problems and not marketing skills.

These are the problems that cause the loss of the customer in this stage:

– Website or customer page stopped due to technical problems.

– Hidden costs and fees, such as taxes.

– The complexity of the purchase process

– Unavailability of payment by the means available to the potential client

– Lack of certain things regarding the authenticity of the site (example: return policy)


The AIDA model in marketing is a short name for the four phases that make up this model; namely »Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action«; which are the foundations on which all marketing strategies are based.

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