Benefits of Sostac Model

The SOSTAC model is one of the most important and successful digital marketing strategies in digital marketing plans; This is due to the ease of organizing marketing campaigns through it, and most companies rely on it in planning marketing operations, and it is widely used in business planning.

Carrying out the electronic marketing process for any product or service requires preparing a prior plan that includes the steps and processes that will be performed; in order to achieve the future goals of the customer and help in the growth of the company’s commercial activity.

What is the SOSTAC model?

Author PR Smith created the SOSTAC model to help digital marketing professionals reach their business goals, and gained a reputation for plan building strategies in marketing, especially digital marketing.

The reason for the success of this model is its ease in organizing marketing plans and its suitability; for all activities and areas for which marketing is required; and it also helps in developing marketing through social media and improving search engines SEO.

What does the SOSTAC model consist of?

  • Situation Analysis.
  • Objectives.
  • Strategy.
  • Tactics.
  • Action.
  • Control.

Why should you use a SOSTAC model?

One of the keys to success that contributed to the reliance of many on using this model in digital marketing; and resorting to it became a necessity to obtain distinct results is that it establishes a clear structure for the work; that can be shared among the team members and developed together; in addition to being easy to deal with and considered as the main reference that can be used in understanding Workflow at any time, either in the general plan or in marketing specifically.

About the Sostac model, described by the spiritual father of digital marketing; Philip Kilter, as the most accurate system for building an effective marketing plan, and is your best ally in all of this planning.

The model is based on presenting the steps for successful planning, starting with the analysis; passing through the strategies and how to implement them, to how to follow the plan to manage results.

How to get the best of this model?

1- Situation Analysis

Situation analysis consists of 4 Stages:

  • Company analysis:

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of your business and the work team; and understanding this helps to form a clear and complete picture of the capabilities of the company you are marketing to; and through that, you can set goals compatible with your capabilities and work to develop defects.

  • Product analysis

Highlight the features of your product that contribute to increasing customer demand for its purchase; and are there a possibility to improve it to top customer needs

  • Customer analysis

It is necessary to know the current customers of the company and how satisfied they are with your performance; and take their observations into account on the service provided to them by the company the method of purchase, and customer analysis; helps in determining the target group and how they interact with you; and this is an important element in building a marketing plan.

  • Analyze your competitors

One of the essential things that are relied upon in digital marketing knows the capabilities and advantages of your people; that makes customers accept to deal with them instead of you.

2- Objectives

After the completion of the analysis process comes the step of setting goals that are required to be achieved for the company; whether at the far or near level, and accordingly, a digital marketing plan is developed.

The majority of goals are to increase the company’s sales and market share; and there may be other goals; such as the desire to spread and expand your customer base.

3- Strategies

Marketing strategy varies according to the goal to be achieved, and it is preferable to develop more than one plan to reach the customer’s goal; and this part is the most difficult in the SOSTAC model; because it is the main engine of the marketing process, and any defect in the strategy is matched by a failure to achieve the goals.

4- Tactics

Help determine the best way to implement your strategy, and more than one tactic must be devised to implement the strategy; in order to ensure that the strategy is executed efficiently, and this helps in obtaining distinguished results.

5- Action

Marketing experts advise the need to set a specific time plan that includes the implementation mechanisms for your plan; whether the tasks required or those responsible for implementation, the roles of each of them, the marketing message to be achieved; as well as through any marketing channel the strategy can be implemented, along with being careful to create appropriate content.

6- Control

It is the last step in the SOSTAC model, and its importance is that it enables you to monitor performance up-to-date; identify deficiencies, and adjust it, so the evaluation must be periodic and include criteria for measuring performance; to ensure efficient implementation and its ability to reach the required goals.


If you want your marketing plan to succeed, you should use the SOSTAC model, in order to benefit from the benefits that the model’s framework gives you; and to always be concerned with implementing the steps in a consecutive and coherent manner; so that you are able to achieve your marketing goals successfully.

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