Why Breadcrumbs are Important for SEO?

We all know the importance of SEO in publishing or reaping many gains related to a brand, as SEO is one of the basic components of the e-marketing process for any brand and contributes to achieving many gains Among the SEO operations are the so-called Breadcrumbs SEO.

If we want to know what is meant by the term breadcrumbs, it is one of the curated excerpts that add an aesthetic touch to the search engine results, and its importance lies in the fact that it creates a gradual work for the site’s sections that helps the visitor to better understand the article. That is why they are called breadcrumbs or hitchhiking trails.

What are breadcrumbs SEO?

SEO companies in Egypt have paid great attention to the so-called news bits in recent years after experiments have shown that it has given very good results in improving search engines on Google, which increases the awareness of the brand we are marketing for.

But the most important question remains … Are breadcrumbs good for SEO? Breadcrumbs SEO is similar to what Hansel and Gretel did and how they used breadcrumbs to track their steps and head home. Well, breadcrumbs in the world of SEO are a bit like that. Hence their names.

The role of breadcrumbs for any user who visits your website is similar to that of a tour guide for foreigners, as it leads your web visitors to learn steps to help them get back to the home page.

4 Types of breadcrumbs

There are many types of breadcrumbs that can be used in more than one way to fully optimize your website.. Let’s get to know the different types of breadcrumbs.

There are four types of breadcrumb in the locations which we detail in the next.

  • Location-Based

This type of breadcrumb determines the user’s current location on the site and shows the location of the page in the site tree structure.

This type of breadcrumb is suitable for sites that have much content and directive layers and can help the user to find his path between different categories and topics.

  • Attribute-Based

This type of breadcrumbs are used in commercial websites that do not have the nature of their work to show the current location, but rather it is important for filtering products or showing active filters, and in case they are needed, return previous filters.

For example, if I have a phone model store site, the attribute-based breadcrumb structure could be as follows:

«Home Page> Mobile Categories> Mobile Color> Mobile Size and …».

  • History-Based

This type of breadcrumb allows you to view the desired path that you follow on the site from the beginning, and you can return to the previously used pages at any time, such as:

«Home Page> Training Article> Category> One Product Page> Scientific Article and …»

This type of breadcrumb is not very popular because you can reach its goal by also placing the back button. User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) designers prefer this approach.

  • Path-Based

This type of breadcrumb is the inclusion history-based and otherwise, and has the following structure:

«Back to previous page> Home> Product category> Product color> Product size and …»

Importance of using breadcrumbs SEO

SEO experts confirm that breadcrumb is one of the tools used to help site ranking and helps search engines, such as Google; to better define the structure of the pages.

Your visitors will always love the breadcrumbs, and Google will love it too. If you search for something on Google, you will also find a positive result. It makes your score more enticing to users. Also, browsing breadcrumbs for Google provides another way to learn how to organize your website.

To increase the chances of your browsing breadcrumbs appearing in Google, we need to add a structured data format within our blog.

Breadcrumb also improves the user experience (UX) on your website and this also helps in improving the search results in the popular search engine Google.


Breadcrumbs have a very important and pivotal role in increasing interaction and presence on your website, and it is one of the factors and tools that greatly help in improving your website’s search engine results.

Breadcrumbs enable users to access different sections within your website and locate its current location more easily, and all of the above helps reduce the bounce rate of your website and causes other choices and not to leave the site for recent users.

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