10 Simple Ways to Create Engaging Facebook posts

Many recent studies and surveys have highlighted the importance of marketing through the Facebook platform, as I found that the majority of people resort to the most prominent social media platform to meet their needs of all products.

The Power of Facebook Platform

Many institutions and companies rely on the process of developing and spreading their business on Facebook, which experience has proven; to be one of the strongest and most effective platforms for communicating with customers, releasing products, and increasing business results.

How to Make Engaging Facebook Posts

To make the most of Facebook marketing, the content you provide is attractive and able to convince the user. So we offer you 10 simple ways to create engaging Facebook posts to help you make your page more effective and productive.

10 Simple Ways to Create Engaging Facebook Posts

1 – Include a Call to Action

The start should be by defining the goal you want to achieve, knowing the type of people targeted to promote your product; and increasing the demand for your brand, by customizing encouraging messages to visit your website.

It is essential that your post includes means of attracting the user to visit your website and directing them to the nearest site to you; facilitating the steps of making a purchase decision and helping to reach what the customer wants.

2 – Using Photos and Videos

One of the factors that greatly affect the creation of attractive Facebook posts; is that the images and videos if used in the correct position; serve the purpose of the post, it helps to create engaging Facebook posts and highlight your message in the “Latest News”.

It is preferable to use Lifestyle images that are always attractive; as well as photos of your customers benefiting and enjoying your products, and posts between 100 and 250 characters are preferred, and this helps greatly in getting more engagement.

3 – Create a Two-Way Dialogue with Your Followers

E-marketing experts advise that you should create a two-way conversation with your page followers; by sharing your followers with their ideas and vision of the product or service that you provide; this is one of the ways to know your customers’ opinions and observations about your product.

Posting content that highlights customer opinions about your products and improving negative feedback creates loyalty between you and your customers.

4 – Offer Exclusive Offers and Discounts

One of the distinct methods of attracting customers’ interest and keeping them awake to everything new on your page and this greatly affects the increase in sales through e-marketing on Facebook.

It is recommended that you provide exclusive offers and discounts at many times and address your customers; to visit the relevant pages of the offers on the website, and this is of great importance in increasing sales and interaction on your website.

The offers and discounts that you offer must meet the needs of your customers; from the products, you offer so that there is a great interaction with them, and a decision to buy.

5 – Provide Access to Exclusive Information

Make the people who follow your page more closely with it by giving other exclusive information and special gifts on occasions; because that betrays your loyalty status.

Sharing news of exclusive products, competitions, and events gives your customers a feeling; that they are special and this makes them eager to continuously increase your follow-up and purchase of the products that you offer.

6 – Be Up-to-Date with Current Events

Audience interaction increases with your page when they see you keep up with current events and that your posts are related to their needs and goals; especially when responding to comments, the faster your responses, the greater the interaction with your page.

7 – Plan your CONVERSATIONAL Calendar

One way to make it easier for you to stay connected with your followers is to create a conversational calendar with ideas about what to talk about each week or month. This ensures that you plan your content well and attract attention, and not miss major business events and news.

8 – Schedule your Posts

One of the most important ways to create engaging Facebook posts, plan ahead is what you will do for the next period; create a schedule for your posts; schedule your posts in advance, and plan upcoming vacation events and specials.

You just need to schedule your posts by clicking on the clock icon in the lower right corner; of your page’s sharing tool; preferably at a time when most of your followers are online, and you can find this out by visiting Page Insights and going to the Post’s tab.

After scheduling a post, you can manage your scheduled posts by going to the top of your page; choosing Edit Page, and then selecting Use Activity Log.

9 – Target your Posts

It is preferable to increase interaction on your page; directing your posts to a specific group that has a need for your products; by clicking on the target icon in the lower-left corner and selecting Add targeting.

There is more than one way to target your posts, either based on gender or marital status; educational status, interests, age, location, and language.

10 – Check Regularly that your Posts Remain Attractive

This is done with Page Insights, which helps you understand the elements that keep your posts engaging; and also helps you understand your audience and what content works best for them.


Facebook plays many important roles in order to connect people in the world because almost every person these days is using Facebook. This gives us the opportunity to know more about them, and let us know how to target them through posts.

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