Why E-A-T Is So Important for SEO?

If you want to get good results for your SEO process, you are required to adhere to the instructions and rules set by Google in order to reach good results in top impressions in search engines.

One of the rules used by the famous search engine Google is E-A-T, which is one of the important updates, and there is a big role for E-A-T in SEO and one of the basic steps that ensure you have a better appearance in search engines.

What is E-A-T?

It is an algorithm that is not new as it appeared in August 2018, and it is one of the steps in the long road that you must finish in order to reach an advanced ranking of your website in the search engines.

E – A-T stands for expertise, Authoritativeness, and trustworthiness, and you get it through the manufacturers ’search quality guidelines, and the goal is that Google wants to make sure it delivers results that show a high level of expertise, authority, and trust.

During the past few years SEO specialists have tended to use E – A-T, which was developed by Google in order to protect users from low-quality content that harms them, and this shows the importance of E – A-T in SEO.

How important is E-A-T in SEO?

This term is an abbreviation of a group of words, and means:

  • Expertise

The person about promoting your site must be an expert in your field as well as his ability to communicate information in an attractive way and be aware of what your audience wants and present it in the best way. Because the process is successful in how you develop content in an innovative way that is popular with your audience.

Before creating your content, you must answer these questions:

  • What is the goal of keyword researchers that they use in the search?
  • What is the keyword they use to search and what exactly are they looking for?
  • Authoritativeness

Authority begins when experts and influencers take your name as a source of information on topics related to what they are looking for.

There are some key performance indicators for judging validity, and they are:

1- Include links from related websites, and this will improve your site’s ranking.

2- Using the Moz file Domain Authority Score to determine site authority, and also using Majestic ‘Trust Ratio’ to determine website authority.

3- Creating content that is shared widely and frequently on social media means that your power is increasing.

4- The volume of the search for your trademark determines its authority, and if the search volume is large, your authority in the search engines will be greater.

5- Owning a Wikipedia page for your brand or for the people you employ is clear evidence of your high profile.

  • Trustworthiness

If you gain the trust of Google and your users, then you have taken the most important step in building your brand, and as SEO experts say, experience and authority play an important role in boosting rankings.

Trustworthiness is vital and must be maintained. Because it’s low, it means you get a low rating in your Google rankings.

One of the important things you should pay attention to when marketing your site and conducting its SEO operations is to capture the attention of your customers and address any issues before things get out of hand; Because otherwise happens, it gives a negative impression of your brand and is followed by a move away from appearing on the top of the search engines.

If you can get positive reviews from Google, this will be an important factor in increasing confidence in your brand.

How can you improve the E-A-T in SEO?

If you identify your problem with EAT it will be easy to improve your website, but there are some variables that can be made to your site to solve this problem:

  • Audit your brand

This is done by knowing what users think and what they think of your site because those who will create your success will be the real audience.

  • Check your content

Update your content up to date so that it can meet the needs of your audience, and when updating your content put yourself in the shoes of the customer.

  • Hire professionals to write content

If you are not able to handle the research and content writing part due to other business obligations, you can always hire experts.

  • On-site promotion

To enhance the confidence of your visitors in you, you should create a page about the work team and mention their features, positions and level of experience; this will give you more confidence in front of your customers.

  • Off-site promotion

Always ask your customers to leave their reviews on your services and products and link those reviews to your Google business page.

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