Facebook Page Optimization Checklist

Building your brand takes several months and possibly years in order to get the desired results, and your search is always on Facebook Page Optimization Checklist.

E-marketing experts advise the need to use strong strategies so that you can build a strong and effective presence on the social media of your brand, and then you can invest in ads.

What is the importance of optimizing your page?

Many people working in e-marketing, especially in managing Facebook pages, focus on the need to improve these pages. But have you ever asked yourself why is improving Facebook pages important and necessary?

Several recent studies revealed that more than 80% of consumers use the world’s largest social networking site, Facebook, to get what they want from products and services provided by business owners.

Therefore, you must pay attention to improving the business Facebook pages that you want to spread in order to keep pace with the era of digitizing businesses and companies and reap the results of the Effects of social media on business that are positive if you develop your Facebook page properly.

Social media agencies in Egypt give great attention to the need to develop Facebook pages for the brands they are marketing to. Because that may have the greatest impact on increasing the size of the business or incur large losses.

7 ways to optimize your Facebook page

One of the primary goals of any business in being on Facebook is to get clients, and if this is not achieved, then there is a problem that must be solved, and during the following lines, we offer you Facebook Page Optimization Checklist that consists of 7 steps to get the Effects of social media on your business in a positive way for your brand.

7 ways to optimize your Facebook page

1- Update your business page information

Business owners must realize the necessity to have sufficient information about their activity on the Facebook page for the customer to trust it; because consumers tend to know about the age and experience of the company, and what people think about it.

you should not leave the “about” page blank and the information on it should be constantly updated, and also the profile picture and cover picture of the page must be updated, especially since the pictures are worth thousands of words, so it is desirable that the pictures are attractive and attractive.

2- Optimizing your Facebook page URL

Make sure your business page link on Facebook is short and easy, such as your website address on the Internet, and Facebook allows its users to change the first link with which the page is created.

3- Choose the right template for your Facebook page

Your account on the social networking site Facebook is like a mini-website that promotes your brand, and here lies the importance of choosing a template that facilitates browsing your products and your company information, and Facebook provides ready-made templates that you can choose one of and make the improvements you want on it.

4- Facilitate access to your page for customers

This comes by providing Call-to-Actions procedures, and this is what Facebook provides as it allows providing some of the procedures that you want your customers to use, such as «Book now, call now, contact us, send a message, and use the application … and others».

5- Add tabs to promote your products or services

You can optimize your Facebook page through the tabs that come as page content sections. You can see your tabs on the side of the Facebook page.

Facebook provides private companies with standard tabs like Home, Posts, Videos, Groups, and more for viewers to quickly find content.

If you are not sure what kind of tabs you will need do not worry; Because Facebook templates allow you to access the tabs that suit your business needs.

6- Pin important posts to the top of your page

One of the most important Facebook Page Optimization Checklists is publishing a post on your business’s Facebook page. Because this step allows your followers to see the most important posts at the top of the page before they start scrolling.

A pinned post puts your content in the spotlight and typically results in higher engagement rates because it is the first thing visitors see, and these can be used to highlight special offers».

7- Use instant Facebook responses and payments

Facebook allows you to customize instant or saved responses so that you can handle customer service on Facebook efficiently and accept payments so that you can optimize your Facebook page to receive payments and make sales.

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