The Upcoming Google Mobile-First Indexing 2021

Searches by mobile devices have become the most numerous in recent years, which made the trend in the coming period for the upcoming Google Mobile-First indexing 2021, which gave importance to enabling mobile-first indexing for all sites in the search.

In 2021, SEO is subject to change, as the first Google Mobile Indexing Update in March 2021 will remove all desktop-only sites and images or desktop-only assets from Google’s index completely.

Therefore, advertising agencies in Egypt are giving great importance to Google mobile-first indexing in 2021.

What is Google Mobile-First Indexing 2021?

After we got into the mobile age it made sense for Google to index and rank content based on mobile pages; because many people will see the mobile versions; Google Mobile-First indexing 2021 is done by changing the way it indexes and arranges content from the desktop to the mobile version of the sites.

What are the first steps for indexing on Google Mobile?

5 years ago, Google announced the switch to mobile-priority indexing and began publishing this gradually since 2016; but you must be ready for first indexing on Google Mobile in March 2021; because on that date the indexing will be for mobile-only and any content that will not be seen in Mobile version will not be counted.

Therefore, in the following lines, we will show the steps for Google mobile-first indexing 2021:

  • Having a high-speed website

Responsive website design ensures that users always see an optimized version of your site; regardless of device quality or screen size; and the benefits of responsive websites are in their flexibility and not creating multiple versions of their website to suit different devices.

If you have a responsive web design then mobile-first indexing doesn’t have a major impact on your site’s performance on search engine result pages (SERPs).

  • Google bot must be able to access the mobile website

You should allow Googlebot to scan your site and make sure it contains different URLs than your desktop site, and you also need to check carefully if the disallow directive is blocking the URL.

If you want to ensure the ranking of your site, you must use similar Meta robot tags on mobile and desktop sites; because the different Meta tags for robots may cause Google to fail to crawl and index your page when your website is enabled for mobile indexing first.

You should also make sure not to use slow loading of the essential content as this delays downloading the unseen content.

The desktop and mobile versions of your site should match

Experts advise that the content of the private desktop site and the mobile site should exactly match; therefore, when comparing the content of the two versions; it is necessary to review the headings and headlines very carefully and to keep the titles consistent.

You also need to make sure that the titles are aesthetically pleasing on the mobile version of your site; and you should be well aware that keeping the desktop and mobile versions of your site consistent is the best way to increase visitors.

Analyze your data well

You should ensure that your data is complete and organized on mobile and desktop sites in the same fashion and without change; and also make sure that the URLs in versions of mobile structured data are updated to mobile URLs.

  • Check ads sites

The uncertainty that ads appear on the mobile version affects the ranking of your mobile pages; so when you need to refer to Better Ads Standard when running your ads on a mobile device and make sure they meet the criteria.

  • Carefully review the visual content

It is advised not to use URLs that change when the page loads images and videos; because the URLs keep changing will not help Google handle and index the images properly.

The user must also be provided with high-quality images so that they do not appear to be too small when viewed on a smaller screen; and the videos must be easily found on the mobile, meaning they should not be placed at the bottom of the page, forcing users to scroll endlessly.

If you want to get Google mobile-first indexing 2021, you should contact us, and we have the best solutions that help you reach your goal.

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