10 Ways in How to Build an Online Presence

The changes that have occurred in the world, the latest of which is the spread of the new Coronavirus, have contributed to the current prevailing trend of the digital world, from today, the transfer of business via the Internet has become a necessity, not a choice, which highlights the importance to build an online presence and activating it properly.

The importance of building an online presence

The importance of building a strong and distinctive presence on the Internet is evident; in that, it contributes to giving a strong sense of your competencies and achievements to the target audience; which increases the rate of purchase from you. The most important question remains: How to build an online presence effectively?

10 Steps in How to Build an Online Presence

1- Determine the required goals accurately

This happens through good planning of what we want to accomplish through the Internet, and the objectives required for creating a website; this helps to show the real picture to be communicated to users, and this greatly guarantees; the development of work efficiency and increases the material return.

2- Build an email list

One of the ways to build an online presence is to create an email list. Because it will allow you to interact with current and potential customers on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis; and in order to grow your email list, you must create closed content that users must subscribe to receive.
The newsletter is also used to collect emails for potential clients. It also helps you reach a list of potential customers interested in your content. Some tools can be used in your CMS to create forms, built-in CTAs, or pop-ups designed. To collect email addresses.

3- Create a Website

It is the window that you create for yourself on the Internet through which users can know all the values ​​and privileges that you offer; as its presence has become very important and complementary to the work of your social media.
The website can highlight your branding and the importance of what you offer; and the website can be created through several CMS sites, such as HubSpot, Wix, WordPress, and Square space.

4- Be active online

This comes through regularly posting about your products on your accounts on social media and the website; as well as interacting with followers and sharing your successes with them, as well as everything new to you.

5- Analyze your results up to date

It depends on this method in knowing the best strategy to increase the spread of your brand and achieve the desired goals for your business, and that begins with determining the criteria used; for example, when working on SEO you track results on Google, and if you create an email list; you can track the number of subscribers, Plus open and click rates.
It should be known that this strategy is long-term and this takes more time to reach the required results.

6- SEO

SEO is one of the most important methods of building a strong presence for your business on the Internet; it comes through mastering search engine optimization services, and search engines are optimized in two ways, one on the site and the other outside it.

Content is the most important component of a site’s SEO currency; and this requires the use of keyword research, the inclusion of internal and external links, and the creation of educational content that matches the inquiries of the target audience.

It helps SEO to know if your site is set up correctly, has a simple URL structure, and is fast to load.

7- Developing relationships

One of the important means of developing your relationship with people in your field is; because this helps you to be on the Internet effectively, and it will help you, in the end; to appear on the Internet in the best way that will bring you great profits.

8- Content production

Content is the king in the process of appearing on the Internet, the more it has a valuable message and satisfies the needs of your target audience; the faster and better your appearance on the Internet will be, and in order to create good content; you must develop a good plan for it.

It also requires knowing the medium through which you want to appear on the Internet, whether it is Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Etsy, Postmark, or Good reads because each of them has a specific content.

9- Be Competitive

Before you think about appearing on the Internet, you must be confident in your ability to compete and provide the best of what your competitors have to offer, and here lies the importance of choosing the right strategy.

Competitors must be analyzed to know the way in which you will build an online presence; as well as to know what is missing and what the audience wants, as this gives you new ideas for the content you provide.

10- Knowing the location of your audience

This helps you to know the language in which you will address them, as the Instagram audience is not like Twitter, all of them have a way to access it, a language to provide your services and a different way of promoting.

If you show up where your audience is, you will build a strong online presence that customers cannot ignore.


A number of marketing and entrepreneurship experts believe that the most common mistake that many make is neglecting; to highlight their presence on the Internet and at the same time waiting for good results and correctly narrating their success stories, and this will not happen and they will be surprised by the loss of many chances for success.

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