The Ultimate Guide in How To Do a Keyword Research

Digital marketing has gained great importance in recent years; this is after it has proven its great role in business development and brings more financial gains to investors, whether small or large, so business owners seek a distinct SEO company in Egypt.

SEO is known as the process of improving the search engine of the website; so that it is among the first sites to appear in the results when someone searches for something related to the field I work in; which helps to increase the number of visitors.

SEO process includes several processes that must be completed; To obtain distinctive results, which are the designs for the web site and choose the appropriate content that attracts visitors, with the need to update all of these factors regularly to ensure that they comply with the requirements of the major search engines; This makes the traffic rate go up، Keywords Research are a cornerstone of SEO.

What is keywords research

Keyword research is the process of improving your website’s rank begins with selecting the right keywords that your audience are using in the search engines; and for that reason, doing a keyword research is the first step for any SEO process.

Why keywords research is important for SEO?

Keywords Research is like a compass that determines the direction of your search engines, by which you know your site and whether you are heading in the right direction or not, and it also plays a large role in getting to know your target audience better. Keywords Research is a cornerstone of SEO, because it helps in creating the content for the web site,

8 Steps to get the best of keyword research

In order to do a keywords research that serve your SEO process; you need to do the following steps in order to reach your targeted audience.

1-Study your niche

Knowing well about your industry will help you discover new angles; that enable you to choose the most appropriate SEO strategy.

2- Determine your goals

Determining your goal depends on reaching answers to some important questions, with which building the answers can clearly define your goal, and what exactly you want from your SEO.

– Who are you?

-What is the domain of your brand?

– which features you offer?

-What is your website address?

– What will you provide?

3- Select Topics relevant to your industry

Divide these topics into small groups of topics related to your brand that you want to rank on Google, based on your brand and goals.

4- Create a list of focus keywords

So after you select topics that are relevant to your industry, you need to create a list of focus keywords that your targeted audience are searching for.

5- Use keyword research tools

Using a keyword research tools helps you to know the search volume, competition or keyword difficulty of your focused keywords or even better helping you to find the competitor’s keywords.

6- Good study of the search objective

Determine the reasons that lead people to search for a specific term, and we can find out by accessing the answers to these questions:

Why are you using the search engines?

What is the purpose of the search ?

Are you searching for something specific?

Is the purpose of the search is to buy something specific?

7- search for the long tail Keywords

This type of keywords is more descriptive, and often you get fewer clicks; Because it is more specific, but it brings the right audience for your business.

8- Study your competitors

Don’t just do a keyword research for your brand alone you need to find out what keywords your competitors are targeting from their content, and it will help you to figure out which keywords you need to target.

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