How to Market on Twitter?

Marketing through the Twitter platform depends on promoting your business and the nature of the marketing goal, which may be promoting the content you post on your site, or communicating with the most famous influencers in your field, or knowing some information about the market and its news in your field?.

Although it is one of the important platforms for social communication, it is not widespread in the Arab world, knowing that it is one of the largest and most important social networking sites around the world, especially for professionals and influencers in many fields, but it is important to know How to Market on Twitter?.

Twitter is an important social media platform for managing reputation and building brand awareness. Business owners use Twitter marketing strategies to target the ideal audience and boost their business, increase the number of visits to their sites, and increase sales rates.

Marketing on Twitter

Marketing on Twitter is not very common or popular in the Arab region, and this is due to many reasons that are not widespread among many people in the Arab world, such as Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram.

Also, there is a difficulty in marketing on Twitter if you are not fully aware of all the keys and steps of dealing with this platform that if you are able to understand it well, you can get what you want from it, and due to the importance of this platform in marketing, social media agencies in Egypt have begun to pay attention to marketing. Through it.

In order to be able to achieve success in marketing on Twitter in light of the fierce competition between brands and win a distinctive place in this world to build and establish your strategy in an effective way.

And if you want to know how to market on Twitter, You have to stop starting to post tweets without setting a clear plan because it helps you to understand in detail how to succeed because in the absence of a strong marketing strategy this will lead to a waste of both your time and money, and you will end with delay in achieving Your business goals.

5 steps to succeed in how to market on Twitter

There is a set of steps that social media marketing experts advise in order to obtain great success from the marketing process on Twitter, and these steps are as follows:

1- Start building a professional account

Creating a Twitter account is easy, but you must ensure that you get it done professionally; because this helps create a professional and consistent brand image.

Avoid names with uncommon numbers and abbreviations and names that are difficult to remember, or adding strange symbols. It is imperative that you have the same username across all of your social media profiles for the purpose of branding consistency.

It is also preferable to add an eye-catching CV, in which it briefly describes your services or products, and also includes the keywords that your customers use in searching for products or services.

2- Knowing the goals of marketing on Twitter

You will only be able to achieve success from marketing on Twitter with measurable goals you want to achieve; because without goals, you will be prone to making many mistakes, and you will push your efforts towards failure if you do not specify what kind of goals you want to achieve.

You should start by defining the general goals you want to achieve within a year such as: increasing brand awareness and revenue, and creating a loyal fan base.

Then set your daily goals such as: communicating with the audience, marketing a new product, increasing sales, increasing the number of followers, monitoring and improving your brand reputation, responding to customer complaints faster, increasing the number of visits to your website, and communicating with influencers.

3- Choose strong content suitable for your goals

There are different forms of content that you can share with your audience through Twitter, it is essential that all forms share the fact that through it you will provide users with original, high-quality, attractive, useful content that educates customers and is relevant to your products or services.

You should be the owner of the content that provides value to your customers and do not go overboard directly promoting your services.

4- Don’t rely on scheduling completely in Twitter marketing

Automated publishing may harm the company you are marketing to because there has to be a human dimension to maintain efforts to build trust and loyalty between the brand and the audience; Because customers usually want direct human interaction with brands through communication platforms, and feel they are more connected to them.

5- Explore solutions

 You need to do more research to find out what problems audiences face in your sector, their opinion of your brand, and the difference between you and your competitors.

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