How to Market Your Business on Instagram?

Social media has become one of the most important things that are difficult to dispense with for many, whether in terms of social networking or marketing for brands, and the latter has gained more space in recent years and has become one of the main pillars of any business’s success.

Among the social media tools that can help brands achieve many successes is Instagram, which has become greatly popular among entrepreneurs, and there is almost a major dependence on it in many marketing plans.

All of this prompted social media agencies in Egypt to pay attention to the Instagram platform and how to market it, especially as it is distinguished from other platforms by having a special nature and you will not be able to achieve any success through it unless you can know How to market your business on Instagram.

Why and how to market your business on Instagram?

The question that may dominate you is why we should go to marketing through Instagram. The answer lies in the fact that the Instagram platform has gone through a great stage of maturity in recent years, which coincided with a significant increase in its popularity in commercial circles.

Instagram has increased in popularity among entrepreneurs and brand owners as a result of the excellent results achieved for many through marketing through this platform and thus greatly increasing profits and statistics confirm this by noting that Egypt is on the list of the 25 largest markets in the world for Instagram.

Know the advantages of Instagram marketing

There is a set of advantages that characterize marketing through Instagram, making it one of the most popular platforms for marketing through it, and these reasons are:

Instagram marketing relies on storytelling:

Human nature depends on the love of narration and stories, and a person is often happy when he listens to stories even if they are not natural, and he always features and shows people who can tell dramatically, and the benefit of storytelling in business is that it helps to form an emotional connection between you and the audience.

Marketing strategy depends on visual content:

The main component of Instagram is images that are more attractive to the audience than other types of content, and using Instagram in marketing helps you visually test what resonates with your audience. Develop your brand across the board, and you can integrate the images you use on Instagram into your other marketing channels. , Such as your blog and email newsletter.

Help in reaching the largest number of people:

Instagram uses more than 700 million every month, and this provides companies and brands with a huge potential audience, and hashtags on Instagram are the best way to publish your content to the exact target audience.

Also, through Instagram, you can create targeted ads to reach more potential customers, if you are willing to invest a little time and allocate some budget.

Providing an ideal opportunity to interact with your community:

Instagram has the highest average engagement rate of all major social channels, beating Facebook and Twitter. It has a higher branding engagement rate, which indicates that the audience on Instagram is more open to branded content than other platforms.

9 Steps to succeed on Instagram

As we talked about in the past, to be able to achieve the great success of your brand on Instagram, you must first know How to market your business on Instagram? which indicates that there are 9 steps if you do it well that will achieve success for your brand, namely:

  • Present appropriate content that includes what you are doing clearly and accurately, and be creative that attracts the audience
  • Paying attention to the idea of hashtags, which is one of the easiest and best ways to help the public find you, but the hashtag used must be appropriate for your brand and use various hashtags so that the audience does not get bored of you.
  • Developing a marketing plan with specific goals and strategy for work, and the marketing plan for Instagram that depends on regularity and consistency.
  • Encouraging customers to share their photos and videos while using your product.
  • Attention to the narrative side, but it must be useful and feasible.
  • Create engagement with your brand’s audience.
  • Take care to create paid ads, and this allows you to target the audience you want more accurately.
  • The use of influential people is one of the steps that will help you achieve success in marketing on Instagram.
  • Instagram provides shopping for merchant accounts; therefore, it should not be neglected because it helps to sell products directly.

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