How to Run a Successful Facebook Ads

The social networking site Facebook is the second in the world after Google in the number of users, as it is used daily by nearly 1.4 billion people, according to official statistics mentioned by the founder of Facebook.

Which made it one of the most important means of electronic marketing that companies and business owners make advertisements for their commercial activities; but the most important question remains, How to Run a Successful Facebook Ads.

The Importance of Facebook Ads

Facebook ads enable you to control everything related to the advertisement, starting from specifying the target age group; geographical location, and interests, which makes it very accurate.

8 Ways in How to Run a Successful Facebook Ads

  • Have a goal in mind

There are some questions that must be answered before starting a Facebook ad because you formed a clear goal of the ad, and this enables you to get successful and effective results, and these questions are:

– What are the results you expect from the advertisement?

– Are you looking to add more followers to your page?

– Want more sales?

– Want more active users to participate?

Facebook may have a better goal for you even if you have a specific goal, and you can run Facebook ads that improve everything from conference recordings to app download! Setting a clear and specific goal contributes to creating the best Facebook ad.

  • Target your audience

There are 1.59 billion daily active users on the social networking site Facebook and you can convert them to customers, but that requires a good understanding of the users to be targeted from the advertisement, and this allows you to find your ideal audience on Facebook.

Facebook ads are preferred; because it is a major reason to increase your sales because just publishing is not enough to convert users into customers.

Here are some ways to target your audience:

– Target current or potential clients.

– Location.

– Gender.

– Interests.

– Behaviors.

– Means of communication.

  • Use Eye-catching ad images

Oftentimes, an image plays a role much larger than a thousand words provided it is expressive and attractive. You must select a clean, high-quality image for successful Facebook ads that are relevant to your business and appeals to your target audience.

The image preferably contains less than 20% text; otherwise, Facebook will show your ad to fewer people.

  • Know what to say and not to say?

You should always make sure that your first sentence is interesting and engaging for users. Because it is the key to increasing users and thus the positive impact on sales, but if it is traditional, the user will go to another page.

And you should be careful to use phrases such as “Act fast” or “This deal won’t last long!” Because we interact with it at the moment when we fear that we will miss something.

There are things that should not be said, such as that Facebook does not display ads that contain the word “you” in them; as well as certain types of products that cannot be advertised on Facebook, such as firearms and nutritional supplements.

  • Don’t Sound like an Ad

A recent study has proven that people reject persuasion attempts because they consider this as tutelage, although this may seem illogical; but the compelling features must be explained to the user in order for him to believe in this matter, in addition to the value that is a vital step.

  • Leverage A/B Split Testing

One of the most important methods of How to Run a Successful Facebook Ads is to take the A / B split test, which is vital; because by doing this; you can identify the most effective elements that can be combined into one perfect ad.

You must start by choosing the elements to test, pictures or writing, and then start turning off the ads with high cost per click one by one until the only ad that is most effective is the only ad remaining.

  • Install Conversion Pixels

One of the most useful tools for running a successful Facebook ad, pixels are part of the programming that you can include on your site.

Facebook pixels help you track how people interacted with your ads and your website; as they let you know which ads people clicked to reach your site; which pages they visited, and what kind of device they were using.

This helps you to know which types of devices you have the most access to, and gives you a background on the nature of the people who visit your site; with which you know the target audience, and you can create a Facebook pixel; by clicking the icon in Ads Manager and selecting “pixels” in the drop-down menu.

  • Have an adequate budget

The more Facebook ads you get paid, the more traffic you can get to your website; so if you want to have successful Facebook ads, you must set a suitable budget for your goal.

The allocated budget depends on variables such as the size of the company, the cost of the products, the size of the target audience, the target return, and the news is recommended to have a budget of less than $ 5 per day if you want successful Facebook ads.


Facebook ads are used without regard to the size of the organization or the nature of the business; Because it is suitable for everything and contributes to the spread of the brand and the desire of people to buy the company’s products and use its services.

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