How to Write Product Descriptions?

The SEO process depends on Google on a set of factors and tools that help to get a good result, and reach the goal of resorting to e-marketing for the product or brand, including the description of the product.

SEO companies in Egypt give great importance to the necessity to write an accurate description of the page content and include the keyword; because it has a great role in improving results on search engines; because the page description provides Google and other search engines with a summary of the content of the page.

The page description tag consists of one or two sentences or even a short paragraph. As with the <title> tag, the Meta tag is placed inside the <head> element of your HTML document. So we will try in the following lines to review how to write product descriptions?

4 Tips to improve your product descriptions

There is a set of rules and guidelines that SEO experts advise to know how to write product descriptions perfectly to help improve search engine results.

Among the most important tips for writing product descriptions professionally:

Focus on the right customer for your products or services:

It is important for your product description to be directed to a specific audience and clearly defined in order to be able to succeed in your marketing campaign, and you must be aware of the full information about your audience, whether age, gender, concerns and desires, and this helps you develop your marketing strategy in the direction of achieving better results.

Focus on exciting your audience:

Raising the interest of your audience is one of the important steps that you must take into account when writing a description of the content, and this requires that you be able to find solutions to what disturbs his thinking so that it appears to him as if you understand his pain and need excellently, and that this need or desire is what prompted you to prepare your product or service because You’re already thinking of helping him.

Show how your product is the solution:

If you are able to arouse the customer’s interest, you should follow it directly by presenting yourself in the form of the person who can provide all the solutions, and this must be presented in a smooth manner away from complexity so as not to impede the understanding of your new customers of what you offer them.

Be clear and purposeful. Show everyone that the process is simple, smooth, and effective. Complexity can eliminate a customer’s enthusiasm to buy because he has stopped understanding.

Using Psychological Triggers:

One of the most important tips that you must adhere to so that you can know how to write product descriptions professionally; because caring for it makes a big positive difference.

There are several useful mental stimuli that you can rely on, such as: Scarcity when you try to refer to a potential customer by describing that he now has an opportunity to buy that he cannot miss because he may not have any other similar opportunity if he decides to postpone it to a later time.

Product descriptions examples

Example: Suppose you have a video course that teaches people to get rid of shyness, which is a common problem in the Arab world. When writing a description of digital products and the courses that talk about it, try to start your description from this idea:

“Do you become shy and shiver when you think just to think of introducing yourself to an audience or students in your class at university? Have you always had a dream to get rid of this shyness and enjoy a strong personality through which you release all the skills and talents hidden in you, a prisoner of shyness? … Now you can do that, through the educational session.

Provide evidence that you are the reference in your field of service:

In order for your target audience to make sure that your products or services are perfect for them, you must show them that you are a reference in the field in which they work; therefore, you should appear in front of them as a reference and a specialist in this topic, because this helps people to trust you more.

Describe how the product or service works:

When you write a description of the products, it is necessary to consider adding a small section that talks about how the product or service works, or the stages in which the potential customer goes through when using the product in order to be able to solve the problem or satisfy the need that he has.

Here comes the importance of focusing on the phases of the customer’s journey until he buys the product or contracts for a service.

Highlight your advantages:

Writing a description of the products that distinguishes you from others is a strategy that increases your success and brings you closer to achieving your goals and also brings you closer to the hearts of your potential customers to increase their confidence in you.

Offer solutions to customer objections to purchasing your products:

You have to be ready at any time to provide solutions to any arguments or objections that the customer may surprise you with, who has caught your attention with your product and is a reason for his unwillingness to buy.

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