You Should Use the Gantt Chart for these Reasons

Any successful work is based on several factors that cause the regularity of the processes that lead to achieving good results within this work, and on top of these factors is the organization and in the field of digital marketing highlights the importance of Gantt chart for this reason.

What is a Gantt chart?

It is used in project management and is a project schedule planning in which it shows the progress of work performed; with the planned work time prior to the implementation of the project, and it was named after its discoverer Henry Gantt.

Business management experts consider it the best way to represent plans, display project activities, and how to schedule the times of these activities; using bars that suit the length of time activities. It is simple, clear, and easy to use and understand; but is limited to use on small projects and does not apply to large projects.

What is The Importance of Gantt chart?

It provides an integrated review of the project and the organization of timelines with clarification of the nature of the relationship between the various activities and contributes to mitigating the difficulty of performance by providing accuracy and efficiency in project scheduling, monitoring the basic activities in the project, and making adjustments when needed.

Digital marketing agencies in Egypt are interested in the Gantt chart for the features mentioned previously; in addition to helping it draw the dimensions of the initial plan for the project, which is the first step in the work of digital marketing.

How to Create a Gantt chart?

Experience demonstrates the Importance of the Gantt chart in planning and scheduling projects; therefore, business management experts advise that you should rely on it in organizing projects, and to design a Gantt chart, you must adhere to the following steps:

  • Define your project’s tasks

Identifying the key tasks to work on in your project, and using a detailed work breakdown structure; helps you capture the benefits of a Gantt chart, as well as determine the time required to complete these tasks.

  • Clarify the relationship between tasks and the project

Contributes to setting your priorities within the project, and this enables you to complete some tasks before starting the following tasks; and you cannot finish the following tasks before you finish the current tasks and so on.

  • Constantly updating project graph

Evolving your project requires updating your graph to show the changes that happen in your project as soon as they happen. This helps you keep your plans, team, and supporters ready at all times.

What are the benefits of using a Gantt chart in managing your project?

The Gantt chart provides you with all the tools you need to oversee your project from all sides; as it helps you schedule and tracks your project tasks from start to finish and lets you know the horizontal structure of your project; making it easier for you to see what work you need to do for your project.

It also helps you monitor the progress that occurs at each stage of building the project, and helps you to put the plan at the center of your project. When your plan is in the center, everyone will know what to expect, what time it will take to deliver the project, and what budget is needed to finish it.

What should be included in a Gantt chart?

There are some steps and things that must be met in order to have a Gantt chart for your project, namely:

  • The steps or activities are necessary to complete the project.
  • The main milestones within the project.
  • The expected time required to complete each mission.
  • Know the sequence of tasks and the order of priority of tasks.
  • Draw a horizontal time axis at the bottom of the page.
  • Define an appropriate time scale to represent the length of tasks.
  • Prepare a column on the left side of the paper and write each activity and project milestone in their corresponding order.
  • Representation of activities or milestones that occur at a specific time.
  • Activities that occur over a specified period of time draw horizontal bars or an empty rectangle that starts from the first day of the activity and ends on the day the activity ends. Do not fill in the rectangle.
  • List each activity or task in a Gantt chart.
  • Fill in the diamond or rectangle where each activity will be performed.
  • Use a weight or plumb as the vertical pointer to show the actual time and progress of the project.

What are the advantages of the Gantt chart?

The importance of the Gantt chart lies in its advantages; which made it one of the most important tools used in planning and managing modern projects. Its advantages are:

  • Easy to understand and drawing.
  • Easy to modify or change.
  • It represents an easy way to compare the actual plan with the reality.
  • Help define resource requirements.
  • It does not require much training effort.

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