The Importance of Web Design in SEO

Many wrongly believe that web design is limited to the aesthetic form of the website only; which is what any Digital Marketing Agency in Egypt always tries to change this concept. Because it has transcended aesthetics and colors and now includes all functions related to making a website.

Web design is one of the factors affecting SEO results, as it has a major impact on the website’s performance; in search engines, such as Google if there is a commitment to a number of steps and processes that contributes to; rather, works properly and ranks high on Google search engine.

The Relationship Between the Website Design and SEO

Web design involves creating the home page, existing content, and designing websites that use HTML markup. There are a bunch of elements that appeared in the formatting format in the formatting pages format.

SEO web design means to design and develop your websites to be SEO Friendly.

It is known that 80% of the traffic that comes to our websites is through search engines; therefore, SEOs have begun to pay attention to this matter in addition to producing the website design; in an aesthetic and appropriate manner from all technical aspects; the web design includes tools that will help your SEO.

Types of Website Designs

With the development the field of web design is going through, there are two types of website that exist and are used in the current period, namely:

Static Websites

The content of this type of website is static, and only you as a web designer can change it, and two languages ​​are used in building pages of this type: HTML and CSS.

Dynamic Websites

This type is characterized by the fact that its pages and smart applications are interactive and change; according to the needs of users, including what is done on the server, or user page.

With this type of website, a control panel allows you to control through visual elements and not through code; and it also enables the user to choose personal preferences that appear to him alone.

Some of the languages ​​used in developing and programming websites:

PHP – ASP – JSP – JavaScript – Flash

The Importance of Web Design in the SEO Process

The web design is connected with visual aspects, and SEO affects how your website appears on Google, it seems like SEO and web design are separate. That’s true. Web designers and SEOs do very different tasks, and you shouldn’t expect one to do the other’s job; However, that doesn’t mean web design and SEO don’t work together, they are complete each other because when your website appears on Google and someone click your link and find out that; your site is too slow because it’s not mobile-friendly that’s why you need a good SEO process and good web designer.

You need to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly because most people nowadays use their mobile devices as a main device which means that you need a mobile-friendly website unless your site’s bounce rate will increase.

You also need to make sure that your website has easy to read design, some people may not realize what the impact of the design on a website can have on your content.

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