Importance of Website Structure

The website consists of several pages that are interconnected with each other in order to serve one goal, and these pages can be accessed in general, and websites can be created and maintained by an individual, group or institution, including educational sites, news sites, forums, social networking sites, e-commerce sites, etc. that.

The pages inside a website are a mixture of text and other media, but there are no rules that dictate what the website looks like, as anyone can create a website, whether it is a simple or complex website that has hundreds of sub-pages linked to it.

The website structure is made according to the nature of the content and the field in which you operate. The websites use several extensions of the domain «the domain of the site is its address and name on the Internet and the link that visitors use to access it», an example of this is:

  • Government agency websites use the .gov domain.
  • Educational institutions’ websites use the Edu domain.
  • Nonprofit sites use the org domain.
  • Commercial sites, companies and sites that provide services for profit use the domain com.

What is website structure?

According to what website developers describe, the website structure is done through military engineering that aims to automatically discover layout templates and URL patterns for a website, understand how individual subpages relate to each other, and integrate these patterns and patterns in the organization of a website.

This helps to enable crawlers to find all sub-pages quickly and easily when this site contains a large number of sub-pages, for this reason the website home page must contain links to the most important sub-pages, which is what makes Digital marketing agency in Egypt give importance to the website structure.

The importance of website structure to Google and users

As we have talked in the past, website structuring is a very important process in preparing the website for SEO, and website structure is a vital and very important thing for Google, thus increasing the chance of being in the ranking in search engines.

There are 3 reasons explaining the importance of website structure, and they are:

  • The website structure is the guide for Google

The way in which the website structuring takes place gives Google clues about where to find the most important content, i.e. the website structure determines whether the search engine can understand what the site is and what it contains.

Google conducts the process of moving to websites by following the internal and external links using a robot program called Googlebot, and by following these links, Google determines the relationship between the different pages.

  • It is prohibited to compete with the content of the website

The second reason why the site’s structure is of great importance to the Google search engine is that it acts as a barrier that prevents the content on the website from competing with itself.

And according to what experience has shown, if the site’s structure is not present and appropriate, a major problem will occur that leads to a decline in the search results of the website on Google. Because by doing so, there will be competition between the site and itself to get a high ranking in the search engines.

Preventing competition between the content on the web site requires that you inform Google of the most important functions, all the content of the site will compete for interest and visibility at the beginning, so you must pay great attention to the process of structuring the site immediately after the completion of the creation of the website.

  • Website structure is very important to a successful user experience

If you have succeeded in creating and setting up the appropriate Website structure, this will help the website to gain an advanced position in the Google search engine, but nevertheless, the necessity and importance of the site’s structure in relation to the user experience (UX) must not be forgotten, which should be reflected in the structure of your website in navigation. Within the site.

If this structure is clear then the public will find the way easily to the site and good UX will increase the chances of people buying products, signing up for the newsletter, or returning for another visit.

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