How to Get the Most of JavaScript SEO?

The companies and businesses that go to e-marketing mainly aim to lead the search engine results in the field in which they work, and to achieve this, some tools and methods are relied upon, including JavaScript SEO.

JavaScript is one of Google’s tools that you use to measure the quality of websites and thus influence their visibility in SEO on Google; Therefore, SEO experts advise digital marketing agencies in Egypt to pay attention to JavaScript.

 What is JavaScript?

Programming and website development experts confirm that JavaScript is the future of the web, noting that HTML and CSS are the basis, but all expectations point to the trend of web developers to encode JavaScript.

JavaScript is one of the popular programming languages, and web developers use it to make websites more interactive, due to its great ability to dynamically update the page content.

Is JavaScript important for SEO?

Of course. You can get the Most of JavaScript SEO, which has become necessary for modern websites and facilitates the process of expanding and maintaining websites, and it also contributes to the speed of your web loading.

JavaScript affects a group of elements a page contains important SEO ranking factors, such as content, links, page load time, metadata, as well as images.

When using JavaScript, it makes it easier for search engines to fully crawl, display and index, keeps their metadata and internal links consistent, and helps with fast loading.

According to the developers at Google, it cannot prevent Google from indexing a title that has been dynamically rewritten by JavaScript.

How do you know if your site was created using JavaScript?

You can find out the language in which your website was created, and whether it is JavaScript or something else, by searching on some tools such as Built With or Wappalyzer.

Also, you can use WWJD to easily check if your website uses JavaScript, which is a free tool, just open WWJD and type your website’s URL into the console.

Another way is to use a browser plugin, such as Quick JavaScript Switcher on Chrome or JavaScript Switch on Firefox, and when you use the plugin, the page you are currently browsing will be reloaded with JavaScript disabled.

How can you correct javascript errors?

There are some problems that affect the ranking of websites in search engines; Therefore, Google launched a tool that helps solve these obstacles so that you can get a great benefit from JavaScript SEO.

The most prominent problems you should know about:

  • Blocking resources like JavaScript or CSS in separate files with roboots.txt, making it difficult for Google bot to recover, thus Google’s indexing systems are unable to see the site as a normal user.
  • Google advises that you should allow Google bot to retrieve JavaScript and CSS for better indexing of your content. This is mainly important for mobile websites.
  • The inability of your webserver to deal with the volume of crawl requests on resources and has a negative impact on Google’s ability to present your site pages.
  • You must ensure that the server is able to handle resource crawl requests.
  • Sometimes JavaScript is ambiguous to the Google engine, and in this case, Google cannot present the site page completely and accurately.
  • Some JavaScript scripts remove the page contents instead of showing them, and this prevents Google from indexing the content.

How to get the best of JavaScript for your SEO Project?

You should bear in mind that JavaScript SEO is done within the traditional SEO steps, and you cannot achieve good results in the first without caring for the other.

Sometimes, when you run into trouble with SEO, you might think it’s related to JavaScript, when in fact it is related to traditional SEO.

These tips will help you get the most out of JavaScript to improve your search results:

  • DO NOT lock JAVASCRIPT and CSS files for Google Bot

Googlebot is able to crawl and display JavaScript content, so it has nothing to prevent it from accessing any internal or external resources required for rendering.

  • Numbering correctly

Many popular websites use page numbering as a way to break up large amounts of content pages.

  • Describe your page with unique titles and snippets

You can use JavaScript to set or change the Meta description as well as the title.

  • Type a compatible code

  • Use meaningful HTTP status

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