What is Link Wheel strategy in SEO?

One of the most important successful SEO strategies used in building backlinks that refer to your site and contribute to improving the website’s ranking in search engine results. In this strategy, a high-quality web 2.0 link wheel with high authority and a very strong ranking in Google is used to build a high-quality backlink, for your site.

Importance of Link Wheel Strategy

Digital marketing agency in Egypt have tended to use this strategy because its results are distinct and contribute to improving the ranking of your site within the search engines, and Google prefers to work with Link Wheel strategy in SEO and archives its contents quickly, and if you build a backlink for your site through these sites, the site will be given great accuracy.

If you want to improve your site’s SEO, the first thing you need to know if you are trying to rank your website is the web 2.0 link wheel, due to its great effectiveness in achieving results, and you are sure that this is the SEO technique that you will always apply.

What are the most used Web 2.0 sites for creating a web 2.0 link wheel?

There are a large number of websites on the Internet that allow people to post articles on them that are classified as web 2.0 sites, and you have to be careful when choosing a web 2.0 site because not all of these sites are the same; Because you only need to post articles on do-follow sites.

In the following table we offer you some do-follow sites that you can choose from:

table link wheel 1

How to build links using the Link wheel strategy?

Many deals leniently with the Link wheel strategy and this is wrong because the way to build this strategy requires creating a number of blogs on Web 2.0 link wheel platforms, where you will create the first blog, Blog1, then a second blog, Blog2, and link the first blog to the second Blog1 << Blog2 and so on until the blogs that have been created are complete And, we have a ring of links as follows:

Blog8 <<Blog7 <<Blog6 <<Blog5 <<Blog4 <<Blog3 <<Blog2 <<Blog1

After linking the blogs that were created together, you should take advantage of that to enhance your site’s presence on search engines by creating a link that points to your site in the last blog.

10 Tips for Optimal Use of Link wheel strategy

There are a number of rules that if you make sure you follow them when using the Link wheel strategy, then you can be sure that you will get the good results you seek, and these tips or rules are:

  1. Not to use automatic tools in order to complete the work quickly.
  2. It is preferable to use social networking sites within link loo.
  3. Link your blogs randomly so they don’t leave a trace for you.
  4. Do not overwrite or point to links on the blog.
  5. Various keywords should be used alongside synonyms.
  6. Make sure to place your links inside pages with high-quality content.
  7. Stay away from using low-authority sites and content aggregators “content farms”.
  8. Submit real and meaningful content on blogs in link loops.
  9. Do-follow links in order to get the most benefit.
  10. Avoid using the same keyword for your article on the Text Anchor link.

Vocus Digital Agency has the best services to improve the visibility of your website on search engines, using the best-developed strategies, including the Link wheel strategy if needed.

If you need help and achieve the best results, contact us and you will find all support.

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