How to Write a Catchy Meta Description?

Meta description plays a very important and vital role in SEO and getting targeted results; because it has an essential role in indexing your page in search engines and improving its ranking in the results; so you should write it in the appropriate form and pay attention to it.

Among its benefits is encouraging the user to click on the link of your page in the search engine, as it appears under the name of your page, and Marketers confirm that the Meta description is a great factor in improving your site visits and this will positively return to the growth of your brand.

What is Meta description?

It is a set of codes and commands that push the browser to highlight the elements that make up your page, but they often do not appear to the user and are placed between and </HEAD … It is one of the helpers for search engines in ranking your website pages and linking them to the keywords that users are searching for.

If we want to know the Meta tag tags, they are the Meta name, Meta title; Meta description, Meta keyword and image alt tags, and the Meta tag elements help search engines find the pages of your website.

Meta Title is the most important element of Meta description that helps improve the visibility of your pages on search engines. It is the title of your page on the website, and through it, search engines can summarize the content of your page.

Meta description length

Search engines, including Google, have specified the size of the Meta description as being within 156 characters, and any exceeding this number of letters will be a bet on you on the results of your appearance in the search because the explanation appears up to 156 letters, while the rest appears in the form of these dots.

SEO experts advise that your Meta description should not include any numerical or question marks. Because Google will easily cut it from the text; So make sure that you get lost in the meta matters that may not appear and make you lose more chances of appearing in the search engine.

How to write a catchy Meta description?

There are some features that a Meta description must have in order to help your website improve its results in search engines, and the most prominent of these steps are:

  • Compatibility with page content

One of the most important things in creating a proper Meta description is that it closely resembles the actual content on your page; because if Google finds out that you are cheating it will penalize you immediately and drop you from indexing.

  • The presence of keywords in the Meta description

Google uses Meta description as one of the important factors in evaluating your page and arranging its position in the search engine and thus obtaining good results, so it must include the keywords that you work on, and this gives you an advantage over your competitors and a better ranking in the search engines.

  • The description inside the Meta must be unique

Try to present distinct content that is different from what your competitors offer; because many people rely on copying the Meta description of the content, and if you can be different, that gives you a priority and preference for Google.

  • Choose the right words:

Try to include the description that gives the visitor the desire to visit and browse your site and gives him the feeling that what he wants is there for you, and this comes by choosing the right and appropriate words.

  • Size appropriate description

Google limited the size of the description to a certain number of characters, try not to override it because everything that is bidding about this limit will not be seen by Google, and it may contain useful information, and thus you lose the possibility of adding new customers to you.

  • Persuasion

The content you provide must include all methods of persuasion that drive customers to visit your website because when the user decides to click on the result, his goal is to reach what he read within the description and give him his own need.

  • Create user curiosity

Curiosity is the human instincts, and in order to be successful and get what you want from the description of the meta, you have to be concerned with the need to contain what arouses the curiosity of the user and push him to visit your site and read the rest of the article, which must contain what satisfies the curiosity of the reader.

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