You Need to Know The New Marketing Trends 2021

The year 2020 witnessed in terms of marketing trends, with the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic, the elements of the marketing landscape in the world changed dramatically, as e-commerce sales rose more than expected and many finished their work through the Internet and via video.

The above led to a major shift in the method of communication between all brands and their customers, and many entrepreneurs have moved to develop plans that enable them to manage their business through social networks and the Internet, which will contribute to defining marketing trends 2021.

With these changes, Cisco, the global company, expected that the volume of spending on digital marketing would reach 50% of the total budget allocated for marketing in 2021, and the company also expected that during the current year 82% of the volume of Internet traffic will be video-dependent.

9 marketing trends you need to know

During the following lines, we will try to review marketing trends 2021; To help you identify the most appropriate directions for you in running your business and making a profit from it:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

It is considered one of the most important marketing trends 2021 and depends on the analysis of search patterns carried out by users and the analysis of social media platforms’ data; To help companies and business owners understand the way in which a user or customer finds the products or services that they provide

Companies that rely on artificial intelligence during 2021 will be able to save costs, accelerate growth, and get ahead of competitors.


This service uses artificial intelligence technology to send instant messages, at any time with your customers or visitors to your site, and during 2022, what this technology provides to companies will amount to more than $ 8 billion annually, especially in the banking and medical industries.

Programmatic Advertising

In this way, user data is analyzed, and based on it, your ad appears for a specific segment of the audience, and this saves the hassle that occurs during manual targeting of customers.

Digital marketing agencies in Egypt believe that this type will completely change the parameters of the digital advertising industry, and will lead to more sales at a lower advertising cost.


If you want to stand out during the year 2021, then you need to customize your marketing message and personalize the content and messages you direct to suit the target customer.

Most marketers believe that personalizing the marketing message strengthens the relationship with customers and that this type is the most important marketing trends in 2021 ever.

Video Marketing

The low costs of creating videos have contributed to the spread of smartphones in the direction of marketers to produce more dynamic and impactful videos that depend on filming live events, and are displayed on YouTube or search engines as well So, SEO is becoming more and more important.

Influencers Marketing

This trend relies on using influencers to promote their followers instead of directly marketing to all people, you pay influencers to promote your product on your behalf.

Using influencers has become a very effective marketing method to attract customers, and they may be public figures or celebrities.

Visual Search

Search by image gave a good level of user experience and its results are more accurate, and this is a great development in the Digital Marketing Trends.

Voice Search and Smart Speakers

Voice search has become one of the most important search methods currently for users, and marketers are required to include it as part of their e-marketing strategies in 2021.

Marketing experts expect that Google will include voice search as part of the advertising service soon, and it will have a significant impact in this area.

You have to use digital trends as quickly as possible; Because it will contribute to helping you to spread widely and reach your brand to the highest results, and in order to keep abreast of digital marketing trends. Follow Vocus Digital Agency.

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