How to Reduce Your Website Bounce Rate

Business owners who depend on increasing the spread of their brand on e-marketing, especially the search engine optimization of their sites, seek to increase the search for their sites, improve email subscriptions, and acquire more new customers while preserving existing customers in order to get these results, you must first know the size of the bounce of your site, and if it is high, then you are required to work to Reduce Bounce Rate.

What is Bounce Rate?

Experts in SEO define bounce rate as the percentage of visitors that directly leave your site without waiting for a long time, and the higher their number, the higher the bounce rate of your site.

In the previous case, you need to Reduce Bounce Rate of your site in order to get the desired results, keep increasing the volume of customers, and help your business grow.

Digital marketing agencies in Egypt now focus on how to help you reduce the bounce rate of your site.

How do you know your site’s bounce rate?

There are some steps that you must take in order to know your site’s bounce rate, starting with the necessity to connect your site to Google Search Console, then log in to Google Analytics and review the bounce rate for each page on your site.

If you do not have Google Analytics on your site, then you will need to install it and then give it some time to collect data about bounce rates, and there is another solution, but it only works with WordPress sites, which is to install the MonsterInsights plugin.

Why is your bounce rate so high?

There are various reasons why your site’s bounce rate is high, such as that the site and pages load slow and thus take a long time, the description and addresses are inaccurate, or the site is not suitable for mobile use.

Among the reasons that need to be modified so that we can reduce bounce rate are poor page design, lack of relevant posts, and a large number of ads.

What is a good bounce rate?

The better bounce rate for your site you get if your site visitors stay there for a long time, browse it carefully and visit all pages, not just the home page, and this is a very good factor in helping your site appear in the advanced search results on Google.

We cannot determine a specific percentage of the bounce rate until we classify it as good or bad, it depends on the quality of your site and the objectives required creating it, there are those who see the bounce rate of 80% for some sites is great and the same percentage is seen by others as disastrous.

How to reduce your bounce rate?

The methods of reducing the bounce rate are called “improving the user experience”, which includes all aspects of user interaction with the site, its services, and products.

If they are good, this will automatically reduce bounce rate of your site, and if you produce useful content for visitors you will have good use; this increases the chances of them staying on your site for a longer period.

There are factors that you must pay attention to in order to reduce your site’s bounce rate, which are:

Improve the download speed of loading your site

One of the statistics revealed that 40% of Internet users leave pages that take more than 3 seconds to load, and the second delay in the download speed makes you lose 7% of sales and 11% of visits.

You can find out how fast your site is loading through some tools such as Pingdom, which give you information about the page loading speed, the number of requests from the server, the page size, as well as an evaluation of your site.

Use of high-quality photos and videos

Gives the site attractiveness and makes it attractive to users, and this provides a good user experience, but be careful not to overuse images, especially with large sizes; Because it may contribute to slow website loading and this negatively affects the bounce rate.

Improving the quality of the content

There are some things that must be met in the content that you provide so that you can attract users and keep them inside your site for a long time, such as being easy to read on all devices and the font is appropriate.

The content of the content should be improved and the use of graphs and illustrations should be improved in case of difficulty in understanding the content, and this provides a good user experience, which helps reduce bounce rate of your site.

Avoid having linguistic or grammatical errors in the content, because that makes your site averse, and you have to make your language medium and easy so that it is neither slang nor standard in order to be able to target a larger number of users.

Build a good content strategy

One of the important factors is the necessity to provide high-quality content and keep away from repetitive texts and fill in keywords, and this is done by including the content for realistic statistics on the topic you present and adding many related topics.

Targeting visitors upon departure

One of the best ways to tackle a high bounce rate is to provide some tools that enable you to target visitors before leaving, through some add-ons such as pop-ups.

In short, in order to be able to help your SEO process, you should take care of the need to reduce the bounce rate, as this will greatly benefit your business.

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