5 Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

With the advancement of technology and the boom of electronic marketing in recent years, social media platforms have become a major partner in marketing, profit, and the spread of many brands inside and outside Egypt if the mistakes of social media marketing mistakes.

Thanks to the distinguished results achieved by users of social media platforms in marketing their brand; it has made it the most important means currently used to increase the capital of any business; which is what made Digital marketing companies in Egypt pay attention to this method of marketing because of its great effectiveness; in achieving profits and increasing the spread of brands; so in this article, we will know how to avoid social media marketing mistakes in order to get advantageous results.

Social Media Marketing Mistakes you Should Avoid

  • Not being effectively

The absence of your brand from social media platforms makes you lose many of the features; that generate a profit on your business, as there are some who still have a stereotype about the uselessness of being on social media.

The strategy for any business must include e-marketing, as it has been observed in recent years; that the Internet has attracted all layers of society, and the largest proportion of them get their needs through social media platforms; and the web site. Therefore, having an effective e-marketing strategy and being constantly present gives you great strength among your competitors.

  • Absence of strategy

It is one of the most important social media marketing mistakes; Because then you will be like a soldier entering a battle without carrying any weapons to face the dangers, and the weapon that you must have in e-marketing is the clear strategy through which you target your audience and push them to resort to you without your competitors.

And the presence on social media platforms without clear goals and plans to achieve them will be a waste of time and money and a negative impact on the brand; and the strategy includes the real goals of your presence, whether it is with the aim of introducing your brand; selling more products, or raising the level of customer service, and other goals.

  • Failure to define the target audience accurately

You must take the time before starting social media marketing to know your audience and define it precisely; whether its type, geographical areas, age, gender, average income, and hobbies; as well as knowing the benefit they expect from you.

All of the above helps you choose the appropriate ways and means to reach the audience and how to attract you; through the appropriate content for them, and knowing the audience properly helps you to know the platforms; through which you can easily reach them… In sum; wrongly identifying the audience is one of the biggest social media marketing mistakes and your branding is losing significant power.

  • Failure to interact with users properly

It is possible that you have a large audience, but there are always problems facing them and you do not know how to satisfy them; There you must realize that there is a problem you have in interacting with them positively; because not solving this problem irritates customers and hurts your marketing process.

Before starting marketing through social networks; you should choose individuals who have the skill to interact with the audience in a positive way and their ability; to face all the negative reactions that are likely to be encountered and turn them into positive points for you.

There are some qualities and steps that must be followed which are: patience and flexibility, listening carefully to customer complaints, avoiding emotional responses, commitment to transparency and honesty, speed of response; and there is also a very important point which is not to ignore the response to the negative comments that exist on the world; Because it hurts your brand growth and impacts your current relationship with your customers.

  • Don’t promote yourself too much

Avoid all the content you provide revolves around your brand because that creates a state of boredom among the audience towards you; and this pushes them to move away and thus lose a lot of customers, and marketing messages must be entertaining and include benefits and solutions to customer problems.

In order to benefit from the content you provide in promoting your brand; you must use the promotion of your product within the content in a fun way that does not cause public estrangement.


The number of social media users in the world, according to Statia, is 3.5 billion out of 4 billion internet users. Which made it the most important means of attracting customers and growing business greatly.

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