Importance of Structured Data to Boost your Ranking

The data that search engines deal with is witnessing a large increase and rapid development, which has created the necessity to find new, more effective ways to index content and provide more accurate results, and among these methods is the structured data SEO.

And resorted many of the major companies «Google, Yahoo, Bing» around the world to use structured data, and relied on it in launching a service has been allocated to create standard structured data, and this makes it easy to use by Internet developers, and at the same time understandable from Ahead of most search engines.

SEO companies in Egypt use structured data services to help improve results in search engines, whether on Google, Yahoo or Bing.

What is structured data SEO?

It is known as one of the special methods responsible for describing your site to search engines so that it is easy to understand, and during the use of this data, you need to use vocabulary and terms within the content that is easy for search engines to understand.

This vocabulary used by popular search engines is called, and it changes your content into code that is easy to process, and search engines can read the code and use it to display search results in a more specific way.

What is

A set of specific vocabularies of code that can be added to the HTML of a web page to familiarize search engines with the page’s content, and improve the way the site’s results appear in search engines.

You should treat SCIMA as a dictionary of structured data. This dictionary contains a description of all things in our life, such as organizations and companies.

How to use structured data SEO?

There are 3 ways that and Structured Data can be applied to SEO on various websites, and they are:

Plugins ready for WordPress

The easiest way and their use require that your site be developed using a content management system such as WordPress, and in this case, you can use a ready-made plugin such as Schema Press, specially developed for WordPress.

Use the Google utility to organize the data

This utility launched by Google Structured Data Markup Helper to help developers implement Schema in websites may be very useful if your site is based on HTML.

Adding codes manually

If you are a website developer and you have sufficient programming experience, this method may suit you, you just need some instructions and directions that facilitate your work, do not worry, as Google has provided sufficient information about the Schema application on the official website, you can find the directions here.

How important structured data for SEO

SEO experts emphasize that structured data is an important factor in SEO optimization. Because it will make it easier for Google to understand the content of your pages and website.

Google needs to know what the page will display in search results. Using structured data SEO is like you are talking to Google and telling them what your site is talking about, which helps make it easier to classify.

Also, structured data helps change the structured data in the way it will appear in search engine results, and thus your target customer gets all the information you want to communicate to him.

if the previous elements are available, the possibility of you getting new customers is greater, as you will get a higher rating with Google in the field in which you work.

if you get multiple clicks, you will eventually reach higher rankings and appear more in search engines, which confirms to us the importance of structured data SEO in a higher ranking for your websites.

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