The Huge Difference between Web Design and Web Development

In the following lines, we will try to answer the question: What is the difference between web design and web development?

Is There a Difference between Web Design and Web Development?

Many people confuse web design and web development as they consider them one thing, but this is not true as there is a big difference between the two processes as each has a completely different role from the other because if you want to create a website you need a web designer and web developer.

Web Development

It is a process that includes some steps that end with having a published website on the Internet; and the work of the web developer begins with determining the purpose of the site and its design and then planning; adding all the content to be included within the website, creating the site and testing its readiness.

This comes after uploading the website to the server, starting its marketing process; and monitoring all the problems that appear during the work of the site.

The Web Development Process is Divided into Two Parts:

  • Front-end development

This includes attention to the visual design of the website. HTML is used to establish the web, and CSS is used to define and formatting visual styles, and sometimes JavaScript is used.

  • Back-end development

Several programming languages are used in creating the backend of the web, such as Java, SQL, Python, PHP, C ++, and C; and unlike the front-end tools, programming languages are not stable for back-end development; the organization may change its backend tools over time.

It is possible to use front-end development only in small projects; on the contrary, in large projects, there is a need to develop the backend; where the backend developer deals with the more complex programming on web pages.

It defines how the site will operate and how to use it for customers; and this may involve connecting to a database or creating features; such as E-commerce shopping carts in e-commerce projects that relate to online payment processors.

What are the Tools and Needs of a Web Developer?

  • Build a website user interface using HTML, CSS, and JS programming languages.
  • Front end-setting that can be loaded quickly on any browser.
  • Front end-setting that preserves dynamic content from the background.
  • Dealing with the main target and database site.
  • There is clear communication between back-end and front-end developers.
  • Design the exact form provided by the web designer.

Web Design

The role of the web designer is to develop the concept and idea of the entire web; as he designs the general look of the web page and develops a plan for the site of each element within the web; he is more like an architect designing a blueprint for our website.

A web designer plays an important role in web development; as it is the person who can make a web page easy to use and attractive to users while emphasizing the necessity and importance of the web interface to make sense.

It is preferred that the web designer have a prior background in how to develop websites and the methods used in this matter; but their most important role is to design a web that is attractive to users.

What are the Tools and Needs of a Web Designer?

  • Uses tools like Adobe Photoshop, Framer, or Sketch to design the website layout.
  • Must possess good graphic and logo design skills.
  • Know how to design a website with a rich user interface with less complexity.
  • Needs to design the right whole so all website elements like images, buttons, and other general formatting will fit.
  • The web designer needs to update the website layout according to the market trend and introduce new features on the website.
  • Knowing the right color and font format for your website.
  • Knowledgeable in SEO; to be able to design a site that can rank high in the popular search engines.
  • Logical and balanced layout design.


To have a website in its final, beautiful, and interactive form, that requires a web designer to work on it, and then comes the work of the web developer; because their role is different but complementary, and by performing each of their roles, you reach the final form of the web site.

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