7 Tips in How to Improve your Mobile SEO

It has been proven by Digital Marketing Experts and by following the statistics of any site on Google Analytics that the best visits in terms of visitor interaction and the low bounce rate that come to any website are through search engines, especially the most popular search engine, Google, so we are going to talk about how to improve your Mobile SEO.

The importance of knowing how to improve your mobile SEO

In recent years, the process of browsing websites through mobile devices has increased and the matter is still on the rise.

And around the world, there are more than 1.2 billion people who access websites through their mobile phones.

So mobile SEO strategy has become a crucial factor in mobile marketing as great mobile website design.

To get the best traffic through Google; there are 7 tips on how to improve your mobile SEO that has proven effective in promoting your site and tops the first pages in search results.

Therefore, you must care about the following tips:

1- Mobile First

Make sure mobile use is the first approach; Because search engines use the mobile version of your content to rank your website pages on the search engine; and your design must be mobile-friendly and portable for SEO, and not adhering to that exposes your site to a decline in its rankings.

2- Responsive web design

The website design should be for mobile phones, not just for desktop so that there is no problem in loading your page so that your page speed does not exceed 30 seconds; and that is not all of your products or services appears when your target audience visits your website through their mobile.

Google advises that responsive web design should be used for mobile cross-platform websites, and this contributes to addressing page speed issues.

3- Maximizing Mobile Potential

SEO experts advise that you should make sure that your site is well-built and fast so that you do not waste a lot of time without getting the desired results; and this is one of the most important tips on how to improve your Mobile SEO, which enables you to get the best performance for sites.

It is important when starting to design a website for it to be usable on mobile devices; taking into account the way the user searches and how he deals with search engines; to get through the mobile to reach the results he desires.

And you should know when designing your website that the more difficult a mobile phone user finds to visit your website, the more bounce rate your website will get, and maybe they will not reach your website; and among the most prominent problems that have appeared in mobile websites are faulty redirection and smartphone 404s.

4- Mobile Page Speed

It is preferable to use keywords or two-word phrases to improve your Mobile SEO of the affiliate and to be natural, such as “What is the nearest hospital?”; Because you have to put yourself on the site of the user and address them in the simple language that they understand.

Also, the page speed should be different from the desktop page speed; and make sure that strong phrases appear to prompt visitors to take action; preferably at the top of the page; such as “Contact Us”. Also, you should not be confused by the use of voice search in smartphones.

5- Location

There is a lot of importance to identifying your website on the website because it helps you to target the locals, and you must make sure that you are using local SEO. Register with Google Places and local web directories, so your targeted users are more accurate.

6- High-quality content

Many digital marketing experts describe the content as the food that feeds search engines. Therefore, you must focus on making the content you provide with added value and avoiding copying and pasting; and the more detailed the content, the better and the greater its chances of appearing first in the search results.

7- Analytics and Testing

Talking about the massive increase in mobile search does not mean neglecting the desktop, but it should be handled well. So you should test two different designs on two separate groups to gauge the effectiveness of each design.

Mobile searchers can be tracked through Google Analytics, which enables you to understand how your visitors use the site differently; as they do on the desktop, and the most prominent content they reach on the mobile phone; and through it, you can also determine how mobile users access your site and use it.

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