Don’t Miss the Top 10 Important On-Page SEO Elements

During recent years, SEO companies in Egypt have become a strong arm on which the business relies on the process of growth. Because it helps in reaching the largest number of users of the product or services that you provide, but there are 10 Important On-Page SEO Elements that you must know to ensure good results.

Many companies and business institutions have become dependent in the development and spread of their business on e-marketing; especially SEO, which helps improve the visibility of Google search engines for the field in which the company operates.

The Question Now Remains … Why On-Page SEO Is Important?

SEO helps search engines understand your website and its contents, and place it in its own ranking; this greatly contributes to the ease of access for you by those looking for the service you provide; Because Google is able to understand what users are actually searching for when writing a query.

Top 10 Important On-Page SEO Elements

  • Expertise, authority and credibility “E.A.T”

Google pays great attention to private content; Therefore, you have to make sure to create appropriate and good content because the more distinguished your content is; the higher and better your ranking and presence on the search pages.

As e-marketing experts assert, content is king. So in order for Google to reward you with a better presence, you have to pay attention to the quality of the content you provide, as E-A-T plays a major role in influencing Google’s search results; So E-A-T should be one of the basics of your SEO strategy.

  • Title tag

One of the important things that must be met is the presence of the title tag, which is HTML, in the main section of every page or article on the website. The best place to put the keyword is the title of the article, which is automatically encoded by the encoding «H1 Header 1».

The title tag of the page should appear prominently on the search engine results pages and the browser window.

  • Meta Description

One of the main pillars that are relied upon in SEO and the Meta Description of the page is displayed under the title tag in search engine results, and the Meta Description is written by adding Rank Math or Yoast in Word press.

  • Headlines

Ideally, headlines for articles within the website are attractive; In order to be able to attract the attention of the largest number of visitors and an attractive headline is a major factor in increasing your visits, but it must have the characteristic of excitement.

  • Header Tags

Header tags are used to define the paragraphs of your content, and they are HTML tags that start from H1 and end with H6 and play an important role in the SEO process on the page, and they must include keywords and Google suggestions.

  • SEO Writing

SEO writing is one of the most important On-Page SEO Elements, that the users are placed and what the search engines want when writing content that must be complete and of high quality, and it is preferable to stay away from excessive talk that will not benefit users; because the goal is not to add any content to the site.

  • Keyword Cannibalization

Keywords should be carefully reviewed; Because targeting a single keyword within more than one page of the site, often leads to the cancellation of the use of this word because then you compete with yourself; This negatively affects your search results.

  • Content Audit

A common mistake that affects your search engine results is that the content is not updated every period. SEO experts advise that you should refresh your content; to maintain your ranking in the search engines.

It is also necessary to evaluate your content every period, in order to keep up with all that is new, and this gives you priority to appear in the first place in the search engines.

  • Image Optimization

Images are an important factor in making your content attractive; Therefore, you should take care of it and choose it carefully in order to suit the topic you are talking about, and properly optimizing the images makes you greatly benefit from SEO, by reducing page load time and additional appearances in search results by searching images.

  • User Engagement

Keeping users inside your site for a longer period is the biggest challenge in your site’s SEO process, and increasing user interaction requires attention to some factors such as site speed, user experience and on-page SEO.


Setting integrated strategies on the page ensures that you are at the forefront of the search engines for your field.

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