6 Steps to Optimize your Video SEO

With the rapid development of digital marketing, videos have become a very important tool and one of the most powerful tools in the world of content marketing, which highlights the importance of video SEO for its ability to increase the spread of the message that the marketer wants to deliver to the largest number of target audiences.

The videos lead to an increase in interaction with brands and an increase in potential customers, and this results in a large spread of the business for which videos are marketed, and one of the manifestations of the importance of the videos is that Google currently displays in the various search results more than 3 videos in a horizontal bar, which thus enhances the presence of the video In the search results.

Marketers and e-marketing experts invite you to pay attention to the videos that are being searched for by SEO, in order to get the desired results.

What is Video SEO?

It is a group of technologies that aim to improve the visibility of the video in search engines, and it gives an impetus to the videos in order to obtain a better and advanced ranking in the search engines; this gives it more ease of appearing and thus can be seen by the largest number of the target audience.

The importance of using a video SEO strategy is that it has become the easiest way to communicate with a wide range of audiences because visual content is able to gain interaction better than written content. That is why we are seeing a huge increase in the number of videos on the Internet.

Why has a video SEO strategy become more important?

Some statistics revealed that results containing her video get 41% more clicks than traditional content, and 62% of all searches conducted by Google contain videos.

The video also contributes to doubling its natural traffic volume by displaying a video thumbnail image in the search results.

Also, Google gives a special classification for the content that includes videos, especially if it contains valuable information related to the product or service that you provide.

Know about the impact of video SEO on your content

In recent years, there has been an increasing growth of the trend to move away from traditional methods of marketing and the use of video. This has been helped by the spread of multimedia technology such as smartphones and digital cameras that have facilitated the production and dissemination of videos on the web.

And through experience, it proved difficult not to enter any website that contains videos, which has transformed more than 3 earnings of content on the Internet currently for videos.

6 Steps to Optimize your Video for SEO

There are some tips and steps that your video SEO strategy must include in order to get good results, and these are the steps:

1- Use keywords

Keywords are very important for a video SEO strategy; because it leads the user to the services by simply researching the subject matter of the content and verifying whether or not it matches the research that the users are doing.

SEO experts recommend that you search for the most important keywords for the audience and market and include them in the title and description of the video.

2- Create a YouTube channel

The world’s largest online video platform belongs to Google, and uses algorithms or algorithms similar to those used by search engines; therefore, a YouTube channel should be created for the brand or brand in the hosting platform, and its integration with video marketing strategies.

3- Translate texts accompanying the videos

This helps gain more people’s interest and makes it easier for Google robots and other search engines to scan the content and identify the topic you are talking about in these videos.

4- Posting videos on your site

Google gives a better rating for websites that publish a video within their content; therefore, you should not neglect the addition of videos in the posts and pages of the site or blog that relate to the brand.

All you have to do is copy the embed code from the platform that hosts the content and paste it directly to the platform you use to edit and modify posts on the site or blog.

5- Interest in thumbnails for videos

It gives the user a quick overview of what the video is talking about, and is usually a deciding factor for the user to click. It serves as an identification card to attract or turn off viewers.

Try creating a creative thumbnail image that attempts to awaken people’s curiosity, as well as shows what will be presented in the video.

6- Preparing attractive titles and descriptions for interaction

The description and title must be characterized by carrying a summary of the content in a way that helps the logarithms to understand this content, and that the title does not exceed 55 characters and the description does not exceed 155 characters, and one of the most important features of the description and the title is to display their details when sharing the content on social media, which is Important criteria for video SEO.

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