Is Voice Search Optimization the New Trend?

Voice Search started as a small idea to help improve search engines, but now voice search optimization is one of the most important tools used in the search process; Due to the many advantages that it has, such as its ease.

The concept of voice search appeared with the beginning of the spread of smartphones and continued to develop and grow, and currently, the world is witnessing a revolution in this field, and with the era of speed and technological development, it has become for everyone a great advantage.

What is voice search optimization?

It is a process by which your pages are optimized so that they can appear in voice searches, and you must ensure that when you perform a search engine optimization process for voice search; you are improving the way people conduct their verbal searches.

One of the benefits of improving Voice Search is to provide a greater opportunity for your pages to be read aloud by the voice search device.

What does Voice Search do?

There is a great role for voice search in helping users to quickly access the content they are searching for; by listening to the search words spoken, and in order to take advantage of the advantages of voice search; you must ensure that there is an Internet connection.

How do I prepare for Voice Search?

There are some steps that you must follow in order to activate your voice search feature; whether on a mobile phone or desktop device, and the beginning is by opening the Google application.

After that, click on the More icon at the bottom of the page, then Settings, then Sound, and then click on Voice Match under Ok Google, and click on the microphone icon.

How do you optimize content for voice search?

Voice Search users always strive to reach their goal easily; whether by knowing information about a product or service or making a purchase of the product or service; so there are several steps to keep in order to be able to voice search optimization.

1- Make sure your site loads fast

Google Voice Search prefers websites that load quickly, which is the same as for traditional SEO, so it must have some things, such as:

  • Fast response and work well on mobile devices.
  • High-quality images.
  • Availability of zip files.
  • Use website caching to improve page speed.
  • Say less for server response.

2- Writing in the same way as speaking

When searching on the desktop or mobile, users tend to use short phrases; such as: If the user wants to find a good web designer, he can type “top web design companies in Egypt” in Google, but when using voice search the user says »who are the top web design companies in the Egypt»?.

In order to be able to optimize your Voice Search content; you should include long keywords that seem more natural as compared to the faster keywords that do well in desktop SEO.

Short and simple phrases should be preserved, and the information divided in a way that is easy for anyone to understand; and although the phrases should be short, the long content still ranks better in both the voice search and the traditional search listings.

3- Create distinct content blocks

In order to access the content preferred by Google and witnessing a turnout of users, it must be distinct and brief; because the average voice search result is around 29 words; this guarantees that you will appear after paid ads and before free search results.

In order to reach the best content, you should include a brief summary of the main content at the top of the page under 29 words; and make sure to include long keywords in the featured snippet.

4- Paying attention to local search operations

22% of voice search requests search for geolocation-based content; from this, we know that brands have a greater opportunity to produce voice search content if they invest in local content.

Search development experts advise when using voice search by using phrases such as “near me” or including the web page on the geographical map.

How will voice search Affect SEO?

Search engines are starting to focus more on improving voice search optimization; highly used, SEO aims to rank websites precisely so that users can find the best information for their search queries as quickly as possible.

Currently, more than half of all Internet searches are conducted through Voice Search, which greatly improves the user experience.

And you should know that there is a difference between SEO for Voice Search and Classic SEO; Therefore, some factors affecting the ranking of websites may not have the same effect on voice searches and vice versa.

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