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WiFi Advertising

As important as the internet, it is crucial to have a Wi-Fi connection all around you, but the importance of Wi-Fi doesn’t stop there, as nowadays you could actually use Wi-Fi to market your brand. A Wi-Fi advertising platform is a method that promotes a business product or service in front of consumers who are most engaged with your online business adverts.  It has recently become popular as a result of a rise in internet users’ activities and the amount of time they spend browsing the internet in order to find information that is relevant to their search terms.

Wi-fi marketing enables you to bring your product or service in front of a larger number of networks of potential customers, including those who are more inclined to become involved with it.

By granting users access to free Wi-Fi and asking for their assistance in supplying information that may be used to promote advertisements or send out promotional messages.

It also helps businesses attract the customers and audiences they are most likely to convert into paying clients.

As the promotion of goods or services directly to an audience is a huge part of an online marketing plan.

Advantages of Wi-Fi Advertising Platform

  • Offering discounts, exclusive deals or products that are one of a kind.
  • Accumulating direct money per visitor or connect.
  • Gather a vast database from customers information for future following up.
  • Targeting your intended audience.

Different Kinds of Wi-Fi Marketing 

Wi-Fi advertising gives you the ability to gather information about your customers throughout the Wi-Fi registration process and enables location-based marketing through channels such as email, banners, video advertisements, and SMS. 

To retarget and reward the right shopper in real time, malls, brands, and merchants can trigger personalized brand messages or offers based on geography, demographics, in-mall behavior, and individual customer preferences. 

These factors can be taken into account to activate the messages or offers.

Wi-Fi advertising transforms free Wi-Fi into an all-encompassing marketing platform, feeding into the customer relationship management or customer loyalty database of a shopping center, brand, or business. 

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